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I’m a seasoned Digital Marketing professional with over 10 years experience, specialising in crafting highly effective digital marketing strategies that drive results and boost ROI


With a robust expertise spanning SEO strategy, technical optimization, outreach, and content creation, I offer you a comprehensive solution for driving exponential growth

Brands I’ve worked with

Digital Marketing & SEO Services

SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy is at the heart of what I do, As a leading SEO Consultant based in Manchester with over a decade of experience within SEO I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all clients I work with.

Organic SEO

My white label SEO services are flexible and completely bespoke to clients needs. Let me Support and enhance your digital marketing offering without handling the work yourself.


Offering content marketing consultancy designed to drive audiences and leads. Handling everything from customer, competitor and market analysis to creating great engaging content. Lets talk content today!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Consultancy takes optimising websites to the next level, effectively looking behind the curtain of a website to identify issues and implement fixes in order to improve the overall optimisation of a website.

Linkbuilding & Digital PR

SEO copywriting services means writing amazing engaging content for visitors while following SEO best practices to ensure your content generates strong search exposure.


I offer Freelance Outreach and Digital PR Consultancy with SEO objectives in mind. Designed to acquire links and coverage in top tier publications all over the UK and overseas to boost your brands visibility online.

Cultivating success for e-commerce brands in the dynamic online landscape is where I excel. Together, let’s redefine your digital marketing strategies. Whether you seek to turbocharge your advertising endeavors, fine-tune your e-commerce platform for optimal performance, or breathe new life into your email marketing initiatives, I’m poised to turn your aspirations into achievements.


Most frequent questions and answers

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of improving both the appearance of a website and its position in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and phrases.

Organic search is one of the primary ways people search for, discover, and engage with online content, which means that a robust SEO strategy is required to attract high-quality traffic. More visible sites, which are those that maintain high SERP ranking positions, are more likely to secure more click-throughs and ultimately benefit from additional leads and conversions.

Search engines use bots to crawl web pages. When they land on a site, search engine bots collect key pieces of information about every page, putting that information into an index for analysis and ranking.

It may be helpful to view this index as an enormous library, which is home to a librarian (Google search) who can quickly help you to find the book (web page) you’re searching for.

Complex search algorithms then analyse the information in the index, looking at hundreds of different signals to determine the order in which webpages should be organised in SERPs for every query.

SERPs can be broken down into two key elements: paid ads and organic search results. Unlike paid ads, it isn’t possible to purchase a high organic ranking position. The only way to secure and maintain a visible position is to invest in an effective SEO strategy.

SEO helps site owners to ensure their content is highly visible for all relevant queries. After all, there is no point ranking well for a search term that just isn’t relevant because it simply won’t drive beneficial outcomes.

Organic traffic is typically high-quality and this is important because quality traffic is more likely to lead to increased conversion metrics. Users are far more likely to click on a site that occupies one of the top organic ranking positions in a SERP, so out-performing your competition is key to avoid losing out on valuable leads and sales.

In short: yes.

Research indicates that 63,000 searches are processed by Google every single second. This translates into trillions of searches every year and so it should almost go without saying that maximising online visibility will have a positive impact on the bottom line of a business. SEO forms the foundation level of a holistic approach to marketing and when site owners understand precisely what their ideal audience wants to see, optimisation tactics can be employed to deliver content that meets and even exceeds expectations.

Understanding SEO also has a range of additional benefits, including supporting keyword selection and content strategies. So, for example, more than 91% of all searches include long-tail (multi-word) keywords despite having a small search volume percentage of less than 3.5%. By looking at the complete picture, search strategists will find it easier to shape and implement an approach that will increase visibility, boost traffic, and enhance brand awareness.

Client Testimonials

Fantastic consultant, Ken is a star nothing is ever to much, I would Highly recommend Ken Berkley without hesitation.

Carl Parker


This is the third year I am working with Ken Berkley and he never fail to impress with his skillset and knowledge.

Ioanna Smith


Ken Berkley shows great knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy and management. Most importantly, you have obtained results.

Michael Payne

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