My range of SEO Services

Based in Manchester, I extend a comprehensive suite of freelance SEO services to businesses across the North West and beyond. While the following list captures the essence of my offerings, it’s by no means exhaustive. Should you require specialized services like backlink analysis, seamless website migration, bespoke local SEO landing pages, or expert consultancy, consider it done.

Your digital success knows no bounds with my agile and personalized approach to SEO. Let’s craft a strategy that propels your brand to the forefront of online visibility.

SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy is at the heart of what I do, As a leading SEO Consultant based in Manchester with over a decade of experience within SEO I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all clients I work with.

White Label SEO

My white label SEO services are flexible and completely bespoke to clients needs. Let me Support and enhance your digital marketing offering without handling the work yourself.

Content & Outreach

Our content & outreach services encompass strategic content creation tailored to your audience, coupled with targeted outreach efforts to amplify your brand's visibility. From compelling articles to engaging social media campaigns, we drive meaningful connections and boost your online presence.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO Consultancy takes optimising websites to the next level, effectively looking behind the curtain of a website to identify issues and implement fixes in order to improve the overall optimisation of a website.

SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting service delivers engaging, unique copy optimized for search engines. Crafted with precision, the content captivates audiences while driving organic traffic to your site. Unlock the power of compelling storytelling and strategic keyword integration to elevate your online presence and drive conversions

Digital PR

My freelance digital PR services offer comprehensive brand promotion through strategic media outreach, influencer partnerships, and compelling storytelling. Elevate your online presence with tailored campaigns that secure press coverage and enhance brand credibility in the digital landscape.


My PPC services specialize in maximizing ROI across Google Ads, Google Shopping, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. From targeted keyword campaigns to optimized ad sets, I drive results-driven strategies that boost your brand's visibility, engagement, and conversion rates, unlocking your digital potential.

Local SEO

Local SEO strategies are tailored to amplify your presence in targeted geographic areas such as Manchester & the North West. Leveraging optimized content, local listings, and strategic citations, I will enhance your visibility on search engines and map listings.

Blogger Outreach Service

Blogger Outreach Service offers personalized campaigns with pre-approved bloggers. With a completely custom approach, I connect your brand with influential bloggers in your niche, ensuring authenticity and relevance. Gain exposure, build relationships, and drive engagement with our tailored outreach solutions.

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Client Testimonials

Fantastic consultant, Ken is a star nothing is ever to much, I would Highly recommend Ken Berkley without hesitation.

Carl Parker


This is the third year I am working with Ken Berkley and he never fail to impress with his skillset and knowledge.

Ioanna Smith


Ken Berkley shows great knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy and management. Most importantly, you have obtained results.

Michael Payne