The 10 Best SEO Tools For Small Businesses

Just because you have a smaller organisation, the role of marketing should never become a secondary consideration. Indeed, by taking care to craft a strong marketing strategy, you can make a tangible difference to the success of your business, by ensuring that you connect with the right demographics of customer or contacts. And, in a world where having an online presence has never been more important, a smaller business should give themselves the best possible chance of success, by making use of key SEO tools that can supercharge their marketing campaigns. Of course, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not just for e-commerce businesses either; any business can see substantial benefits from adopting effective SEO techniques.

The Importance Of SEO

SEO is now a cornerstone of modern marketing approaches. After all, SEO puts your brand in front of the very people your business hopes to attract, by increasing the volume of quality traffic to your website and thereby boosting valuable conversion rates and leads.

Furthermore, being mindful of SEO will ensure that your website is user-friendly, making visiting it a more enjoyable experience for prospective customers or clients. Not only will this help to drive conversion rates, but a great website with easy navigation and quality content will help you to build valuable brand loyalty from your customers.


The Ideal Tools For SEO

So, how should you go about tackling SEO for your small business? Luckily, you don’t need to be a marketing expert or a computer whizz to get the best results. There are now many excellent tools available, which make SEO accessible and straightforward and represent superb ROI.

Google Analytics

No business should be without this vital – and totally free – SEO tool. Once installed, it will allow you to quickly identify which of your marketing approaches are working best to drive traffic and boost conversions, as well as showing how your visitors typically use your site and which content they like most.


A useful software tool for on-page SEO, Frase is a great choice for creating quality content that search engine algorithms prioritise. By suggesting relevant keywords and topics, Frase makes light work of blog writing, utilising AI technology to crawl your website and make suggestions that are likely to be relevant to your users.

Screaming Frog

This technical SEO tool is already a big hit with marketing professionals, and the even better news is that there is a free version available that is ideal for smaller organisations. Suitable for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, this tool crawls your website and identifies any issues which could be negatively impacting its SEO, such as broken links or duplicate content. It also enables you to track between different crawls, so you can see how any changes made have affected your website’s performance.


This AI-powered tool can be a great addition to a marketing campaign, as it suggests options for outreach that can boost your SEO. You can use Postaga to find appropriate bloggers or influencers with whom to build links, boosting traffic to your own website. It includes handy automated communication tools that will save you time, too.

Google Search Console

Another free tool offered by the search engine giant, this is a useful addition to your SEO armoury. It can alert you to any SEO-damaging errors on your website, as well as offering metrics on keyword rankings and more. It can also be linked to Google Analytics to unlock even more impressive functionality.

Google My Business

Yet another excellent free resource by Google, this tool is focused upon local SEO, which can be so important to smaller bricks and mortar businesses. It allows your customers to find your business’s details on Google Maps, including your address, telephone number and customer reviews.


If you want to know just how your website measures up to your competitors, then SpyFu is the tool for you. Use it to discover your rivals’ best-performing keywords, content and more, and see how much traffic they are attracting. This can then help you to make improvements to your website if necessary.


A versatile addition to any local SEO campaign, Whitespark helps you to track your reviews and citations, along with offering a useful reputation builder function. It can even manage your local listings for you, saving you time and optimising results.

SERP Robot

A handy tool that helps you to track your website’s performance in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – certainly an important metric when you consider that most web users will only click through to websites on the first page of results. It also enables you to track your competitors’ performance, too.


Packed with valuable SEO capabilities, one of the stand-out benefits of this SEO tool is its DA (Domain Authority) information, which shows how a website is likely to rank on key search engines such as Google.

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